Sowing the Seeds

Welcome to The Homegrown Studio! This is a new endeavor inspired by the rich history of farming in New England, and the incredible revitalization it is experiencing all over the country but particularly in my home of Western Massachusetts. The developments, stories, images, and food I witness coming out of this agricultural revolution are nothing short of inspiring, and it was time I got involved.

The Homegrown Studio is a concept I've been shaping in my mind for a while now. I knew combining my love for agriculture with my skills in graphic design, art, and marketing would be a dream career, and although it took time to identify the best way to execute, I am now pleased to present The Homegrown Studio as a marriage of my passions; a creative marketing studio with the mission of helping farmers and craftsmen tell their stories and reap the benefits.

I am eager to put my work out there for the agricultural community to consider, and start better getting to know many of you and your businesses. You'll see on the About page that there are a range of ways The Homegrown Studio can help tell your story and promote your business, whether it's through graphic design, photography, illustration, or public relations. Maybe you could use a re-imagined logo, a brochure describing the benefits of your CSA program, a label for your honey jars, or a colorful sign to bring to the farmer's market.

So please have a look around the site and let me know what you think; I hope my handmade, homegrown creative work inspires in you a fraction of what your work inspires in me every time I shop at a local farmer's market, visit a farm stand, or eat at a farm-to-table restaurant. Thank you!