The Homegrown Studio

The Homegrown Studio was established when I combined my love for local farms and small businesses with a knack for creative marketing and passion for design. I'm continuously inspired by the stories farmers and local business owners have to share, the products they put forth with such love and care, and the pride they take in their crafts. I want to help them share these stories, and strive to shape them into memorable, authentic brands.

There are lots of ways that The Homegrown Studio can help you tell your story:

  • Graphic design

  • Branding

  • Custom Illustration

  • Print materials, labels & signage

  • Web Design

  • Social Media Content

  • Public relations

All these tools are essential for great marketing strategy, and when approached in an integrated, personal, and genuine way, you’ll make deeper connections with you target audiences, and ultimately boost sales. Let’s talk more about that. Head over to the contact page to drop a note and collaborate!

Alessandra Mele, Founder & Art Director


Hello! A bit about me:

My background combines a lifelong practice in art and design and a fluency in corporate marketing and communications. I graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges with a dual degree in Studio Art and English, completing an Honors exhibition and thesis in mixed media artwork. In the meantime, I pursued an education in graphic design through various internships at design firms and agencies, thrilled to channel my creative instincts into a career path. Soon after graduating I was hired at an internationally-recognized animal health care company, where I helped develop integrated marketing campaigns on a global scale.

Working in that corporate atmosphere allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of high-level marketing strategy, but I was never willing to sacrifice my creative roots. In developing The Homegrown Studio as a side-project, I continued to explore my passions in art and design. I made The Homegrown Studio my full-time focus in 2018, and am thrilled to now completely dedicate my efforts towards helping farms and small businesses best tell their stories.

Nearest to my heart, however, is my family's farm. I take great pleasure in managing the land alongside my grandparents, parents, and siblings, where we keep our beloved horses, grow a variety of vegetables, and cut hay. The deep connection I hold with this place is manifested in all the creative work I execute, as I feel I am able to empathize deeply with the pride and joy farmers take in their land and their work.